Pet Shop Boys As Melhores

As melhores de Pet Shop Boys, 20 Mais. Greatest Hits, The Best Of.
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Pet Shop Boys
CD: Greatest Hits
Artista: Pet Shop Boys

Músicas do CD:

  1. Domino Dancing
  2. It's A Sin
  3. Always On My Mind
  4. West End Girls
  5. Go West
  6. Being Boring
  7. Left To My Own Devices
  8. What Have I Done To Deserve This?
  9. Suburbia
  10. Se a Vida É (That's The Way Life Is)
  11. Rent
  12. Love Comes Quickly
  13. It's Alright
  14. Jealousy
  15. My October Symphony
  16. New York City Boy
  17. Heart
  18. So Hard
  19. Love Etc.
  20. Home And Dry